What Is Pediatric Intensive Feeding Therapy?

What is Pediatric Intensive Feeding Therapy

Last summer, I was invited to have a booth at a community children’s health fair. In the promotional materials, I wrote a little blurb about how I am providing intensive, out-of-the-box services to meet family’s needs in a different way. I received a comment from a therapy professional on Facebook saying that I “can’t do […]

What to feed your picky eater

What to feed your picky eater

5 Tips To Get Families Started It doesn’t matter if you call it extreme picky eating, or severe food aversion, or problem feeding or any number of other terms. You know it when you are in the trenches. Your child will typically eat fewer than 20 foods, and often avoids whole categories (often vegetables and […]

Feeding Issues and Autism: 10 Steps Toward Improvement

Feeding Issues and Autism

A recent study in the Journal of Family Medicine (Aug 2018) found that the incidence of feeding issues in children with autism was 82.4%. Other studies (JABA 2010) have placed the incidence closer to 90%. If you are reading this and you have a child with autism, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Restricted […]