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ADHD Services For Young Adults

How can ADHD and Life Coaching help me?

My program combines executive functioning specific skill building with life coaching to focus on personal goals, motivation, habit formation, and future focus.

What are Executive Functioning Skills?

You may have heard the term “executive functions” before – or it may be new to you. Simplified, Executive Functioning (EF) skills are skills that support goal directed behavior. We begin developing these skills as infants, but they are not fully developed until the frontal lobe is completely mature, around age 25. EF skills include: planning, organization, task initiation and follow through, problem solving. Also, sustained attention, inhibition, emotional control and flexibility. Working memory, time management, and the ability to assess one’s own progress are also EF skills.

Deficits to these skills show up as problems following directions, remembering a sequence of activities, staying focused, organizing, maintaining emotional control, beginning and persisting on a difficult task, and being flexible with unexpected changes, among many other ways. These, in turn, manifest into problems at home, school, work, and with social skills.

Further, challenges with some of the EF skills can impede your motivation to set goals, tackle difficult tasks, and get into the mindset to make positive changes in your life. They cycle might look something like this:

If this looks familiar, send me a message or book a free 30-minute consultation with me today. We will discuss how I can help you get on the path to a full, enjoyable, successful life.