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Kids Empowered 4 Life LLC presents…

Online 2024 Summer Workshop Series & Live Coaching for Parents of Children with ADHD or other neurodiversity

Join us this summer for four value-packed workshops where you will come away with real tools to use immediately. You can read books and blogs and listen to podcasts all day without ever implementing any of the information learned. These small classes will close that gap by

  • Addressing your biggest parenting struggles with steps to begin taking at home
  • Q & A
  • Opportunity for live coaching


Topics include:

  • Behavior challenges. This is the number one reason that parents reach out to me for coaching! In this workshop, we will explore the root causes of your child’s behavior challenges and offer strategies for ways to respond and react that create connection and increase peace in the home.
  • Executive functioning help for academics. No matter what grade your child is in, they can likely benefit from stronger executive functioning skills. In this workshop, you will learn how to identify strategies that will help your child’s unique challenges. We will also look at how you can collaborate with teachers and school staff.
  • Parenting. What is the just right amount of support and tough love? This question comes up in individual sessions all the time! In this workshop, we will discuss how to best support your child while maintaining expectations and boundaries.
  • Screen time challenges. What is the latest research on screen time for kids? Should you use it as a reward or punishment? In this workshop, we will discuss these questions and help break the cycle of constant battles and negotiation over electronics.


4 workshops for $99, including a FREE copy of one of my workbooks, Practical Solutions for Parenting ADHD or Practical Solutions for ADHD Workbook for Teens!

Dates and Times:

Wednesday June 12 6 pm PST

Tuesday June 25 6 pm PST

Wednesday July 10 6 pm PST

Monday July 22 6 pm PST


*Workshops WILL be recorded for later viewing but participants are encouraged to attend live for Q & A and coaching sessions. Workshops will be 60 – 90 minutes in length.