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Information About Our ADHD Services

No, I do not take insurance. I take Arizona ESA and all HSA accounts. If you would like to attempt reimbursement through your insurance, please let me know and I can generate a superbill for insurance submission. The models that I use, which include parent coaching, are often not supported by a traditional medical model of service delivery and reimbursement by medical insurance. It is helpful if you have a diagnosis if you desire medical insurance reimbursement.

Yes! I do in-person sessions! I do not currently have office space, as I believe that what I do is best done in my client’s homes. That means that I come to you, in your home! I live in the 85048 area code of Arizona (Ahwatukee), and I have a maximum driving distance of 25 miles in any direction. After that, we either need to do sessions online, or I require an additional mileage fee. (If I am coming to you, I have had both of my COVID vaccinations as well, but I will still mask up if you want me to!) If you are outside of this area, or out of state, I am happy to do online sessions.

Pretty much all from 4 or 5 to 19 or young adult/college aged. Of course, I employ very different methods for different ages, but I’m experienced in working with babies to older adults, so I am very flexible!

Well, I’d prefer that they did, but sometimes younger kids don’t want to, don’t trust a new person coming in telling them what to do, and don’t feel that they have a stake or say in the process anyway. I’ve been working with kids for 12 years and while in my past positions I’ve had time for rapport building, I’ve found some quick ways to make friends with kids of all ages pretty fast. I’m a mom of teens but I stay current with everything that kids like, and I truly want to know about their interests and thoughts. I spend time listening and asking questions. I also be sure to tell them that they DO have a say in what happens to them, and that is a lot of why I am there! With teens, I can typically strike a chord that resonates with them quickly. The way that I do all of this rapport building and chord striking is simple: I listen and empathize. I use specific language to let them know my purpose without shaming or catastrophizing.

No. Play therapy is a certain kind of therapy that many kids are referred to in order to help them work out some emotions from past experiences. It is often with a licensed professional counselor or social worker. As an occupational therapist, we are taught that play IS a child’s occupation, and we use play as a modality with young children to work on all kinds of goals. This means that with younger kids, I may use or recommend playing games or engaging in imaginative play in order to work on executive functioning and social-emotional skills such as emotional control, impulse control, planning, flexibility, problem solving and more. I would use modeling language and real-time situations in this instance.

Also, no. Executive functioning skills aren’t related to IQ at all, though they do have an impact on schoolwork. When we address the weaker skills, whether they are organization, time management, planning and prioritizing, initiating the homework, or follow-through, what follows is an ease in getting the schoolwork/studying done. Please, don’t ask me to do math above a 6th grade level!

First of all, there is no one size fits all solution for anyone. Each individual and their accompanying brain is unique in their learning and processing capabilities. You are welcome to explore any of those options. My research has shown that apps are great for one thing… making you better at the game or the point of the app itself! My programs focus on working with individual kids and families to tailor a program that meets your specific needs.

That depends. If you’ve sought my services, chances are good that what you’ve been doing at home isn’t working so great. So my aim is to gently guide you into some new methods of parenting that you may have never considered before. This may require a mindset change before you do anything else, but rest assured, I take into account your unique home environment and what making major changes can look like for you.

Um, I can’t “fix” anyone, but I can work with your kid or teenager to give him or her all the tools to help themselves! Here is the thing though, mom and dad, you may need to change a couple of tactics on your end in order to be able to support your offspring into independence as best as you can! I also give you the tools for this! It benefits everyone if parents are part of the solution!

No, you can space them out to every other week if that works better. Sometimes I give you a LOT of “homework” and you need more than a week to begin to implement some new strategies. I am flexible with the spacing of sessions, and I also realize that “life” happens, like when you go out of town or it’s just not convenient. Your purchased sessions are good forever until you use them! If you desire, you can purchase sessions individually, but I do require that you start with three, so we can get an assessment and some plans in place.

Yes. I will always listen to you (parents) and your child. I will take everyone’s concerns into consideration, and strive to help your child achieve the goals that he or she is working toward, while identifying the barriers and putting in place plans to overcome them. All kids want to succeed, and all humans are rewarded in this society by doing the best that they can in all situations. If a child or teen is struggling to do their best, that is where I come in. I will help them identify their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and barriers to success. I will help them problem solve anything. I stand behind this promise!

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