How to Help Your Child Build Executive Functioning Skills

Practical Solutions for Strengthening Executive Functioning Skills

When your child is first diagnosed with ADHD and you begin to learn about the executive function challenges that go along with it, it probably feels like a relief to have an explanation for why your child struggles more than others. It is also comforting to understand that it is not a “you have them, or you don’t” proclamation. Skills can be scaffolded, built, and strengthened over time with the right methods and support.

Naturally, your next step is to try to figure out how to do just that. What follows is a flood of information from online searches. I first want to acknowledge that taking that first step is empowering. However, it can also feel overwhelming or confusing when you find conflicting methods. Where do you begin? How do you sort through all the information in a way that can offer real and practical help, without piecemealing ideas together?

Good news! I built an online self-paced course to do it for you! You can read books, blogs, articles, and online posts, which can be very informative, but leave you stuck as a consumer of information without any action being taken. Or you can follow a step-by-step course which has you actively assessing each executive functioning skill, engaging your child in conversation about specific struggles, choosing methods for strengthening that best resonate with their developmental capacity, learning style and personality, and deciding what level of support and modification is needed for each challenging skill area.

Practical Solutions for Strengthening Executive Functioning Skills in Children and Adolescents pulls you out of the overwhelm, empowering you to personalize what your child needs to build their executive functioning skills and get them on a path to greater independence.

A short introduction is followed by four modules which each explain three executive functioning skills. We define the skill and identify challenges that may be observed. You are provided with conversation starters to work with your child and family to understand how the challenge most affects them. We offer practical ways to strengthen each skill and provide support to assist and empower rather than enable.

Are you ready to use practical solutions to help build your child’s executive functioning skills?

Get the course here and get on the path to helping your child right now!