Our Services

ADHD/Executive Functions Coaching

“My child is smart but often can’t remember to do the assignments or turn them in!”  “My child is so disorganized and always late!” Do these sound familiar in your house? We can help with one on one coaching.

You received a diagnosis of ADHD from your child’s doctor. Maybe he or she recommended medication. Either way, you were likely not given information on services available that will help your child learn to deal with their attention deficit and function better at school, home and across social situations. We are here to change that. Where to go from the diagnosis? Online searches are overwhelming! Even if you don’t have a formal diagnosis, you may be aware that something is “off” – your child seems capable, yet disorganized. He or she may regularly inspire you to say “what were you thinking?” We can help!

Services include:

  • Client self-assessment of skills and areas in need of assistance
  • Parent assessment of child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Teacher assessment of same (if needed)
  • Observation at home/school
  • Review of results
  • Detailed plan and implementation, or consult only with plan for parent implementation

Intensive Feeding Therapy

Picky eater? Are mealtimes a constant struggle in your home? Sensory issues? Maybe both? Is your child’s extremely limited diet making you worried about malnutrition? We can assess your child and help!

Up to 89% of children on the Autism Spectrum have feeding difficulties, including restricted variety of foods, texture aversion, sensory processing issues, and mouthing of non-food objects. Many “typical” kids also go through phases of picky eating. Getting a child with extreme picking eating to try anything different is a colossal undertaking and can be exhausting for a busy family.

Services provided:

  • Detailed assessment of feeding issues to differentiate average picky eating from sensory reactive eaters and those with highly restrictive diets
  • Plan and implementation (several times weekly, intensive therapy program)
  • We cover all the bases and provide your child the highest level of professional help!