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Must-Haves for Students with ADHD

Must-Haves for Students with ADHD

We have all seen the lists of back-to-school items that your teachers want you to have. We are now well into the academic school year, and many students that I work with are still struggling with planning and prioritizing, organization, time management, task initiation, focus, and more. When one or more members of the family […]

ADHD and Work Refusal, Part 3

Work refusal and ADHD

Completing homework remains a hot topic in the ADHD world. In this article I share two strategies to eliminate the work refusal and gain more peace at home.

Motivation & ADHD

Motivation & ADHD

“He only wants to play video games!” “She cannot get herself to do any of the assigned schoolwork.” “He won’t even keep his body clean, let alone his room.” “She refuses to do even basic chores!”         “Everything takes forever, and I have to constantly remind and nag!” Can you relate to any of these exasperated […]

Removing Recess as Punishment

removing recess as punishment

Do a Google search for “schools removing recess as punishment” and you will be hit with more than 660,000 results. Surveys conducted over the last two decades conclude that between 77% and 86% of teachers in the United States have taken away recess as punishment for bad behavior in students. Those numbers should shock and […]

Parent Coaching for ADHD Can Improve Kid’s Behavior

Parent coaching for ADHD

When I see parents asking in online ADHD groups about referrals for a “behavior therapist” or “behavior coach” for their child, I always wonder a few things. I understand that behavioral issues can be exhausting to parents, discouraging for kids, and devastating for a family. I have seen this firsthand – witnessing clients kicking, screaming, […]

Self-Care for Parents of Children with ADHD


5 Tips to Prioritize Yourself In my parent support group, in other online ADHD pages, in my parent coaching and in conversations with parents every day, I hear a common refrain: “I’m exhausted, I’m frustrated, I’m drained, I’m at my wit’s end.” Parents of children with various high needs know the sentiment all too well. […]