Parent Coaching for ADHD Can Improve Kid’s Behavior

Parent coaching for ADHD

When I see parents asking in online ADHD groups about referrals for a “behavior therapist” or “behavior coach” for their child, I always wonder a few things. I understand that behavioral issues can be exhausting to parents, discouraging for kids, and devastating for a family. I have seen this firsthand – witnessing clients kicking, screaming, […]

Self-Care for Parents of Children with ADHD


5 Tips to Prioritize Yourself In my parent support group, in other online ADHD pages, in my parent coaching and in conversations with parents every day, I hear a common refrain: “I’m exhausted, I’m frustrated, I’m drained, I’m at my wit’s end.” Parents of children with various high needs know the sentiment all too well. […]

ADHD and Homework Issues

ADHD and Homework Issues

I’m writing this in March of 2022. Students are three quarters of the way through the current school year, yet I get calls and emails every day from parents who describe their child as struggling with completing and turning in their homework. My most viewed blogs are about homework issues (ADHD And Refusal To Complete […]

ADHD Developmental Lag

ADHD developmental lag

A few days ago, I was outside watering and tending to my garden (butter lettuce for the winter) when something caught my eye. The sole sunflower in the garden finally looked ready to bloom soon. I’ve been watching its slow development, but something about the look of that sunflower on that day made me want […]

What is ADHD Parent Coaching?

ADHD parent coaching

Parenting is hard! ADHD is a whole family issue: it impacts the parent/child relationship, as well as relationships with siblings and friends, and it affects school satisfaction and performance. To be clear, parent style does not cause ADHD. However, the parenting approach that is chosen could have an effect on the family dynamic, the child’s […]

5 Tips for ADHD Success at Any Age

ADHD success

Raising a child with ADHD can be an exhausting endeavor. There are challenges at every age. Here are 5 tips for ADHD success that you can implement today.

5 Keys to Parenting ADHD

parenting ADHD

Parenting ADHD kids is hard, but these five tips will show you how to improve relationships and help your child at home, school and in the community immediately.

Executive Functioning Skills

executive functioning skill

Executive functioning skills are a challenge in kids with ADHD, but they can be improved. Here is a brief overview of each skill and a tip to help strengthen it.

ADHD and Big Emotions Part 2

Big Emotion

Practical Tools the Whole Family Can Use In Part 1 of this blog,  I wrote about how to help your child or teen navigate big emotions in the moment. I suggested that the idea was to feel and process the big emotions so that your child or teen could feel heard and receive the support […]